When it comes to criminals, they aren’t hacking they are tricking your team

It isn’t a criminal behind the screen trying to hack into your systems, they are trying to trick your team into giving them access or data. Once you understand how cybercrime happens you can put the processes, tools and protocols in place to keep your, and your client’s data, safe  

Support and secure your team – keep your client's data secure

Secure your firm, and your data, with the Practice Protect Platform. With cutting-edge technology focused on keeping your data safe and secure, you can focus on serving your clients.

Password Cloaking

Passwords can be used, but never seen. Your team can access apps without knowing the login details, adding an extra layer of security.

Location, Time and IP Address Restrictions

Control when, and where, can access data – lock it down to a location or even specific device.

Policy and Access Control

Create and manage policies for access based on specific users, or group, give and take away access easily.

One-Click Lockout

Revoke access immediately for offboarding, or lost device – keep everything locked down and safe.

All-In-One Access

Keep, secure and manage all logins to both yours and your clients' tools in one secured location.

On-Demand Support

Unrivalled support with a team dedicated to responding and assisting with any threat or issue that comes up.
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