Learn about the latest cybersecurity threats facing accountants

Managing risk and data security compliance in an SMB accounting firm is not just an IT issue. Criminals rarely target IT systems, they target weaknesses or mistakes made by team members when they legitimately access IT systems and application logins to perform their work.

Accounting and bookkeeping firms that take steps to educate themselves on how a hack happens and the latest trends in cybercrime will be armed with the right knowledge to prevent attacks against their firm, maintain centralized control over team member access and tangibly demonstrate due diligence as a responsible client data custodian.

Woodard™ have engaged Practice Protect to provide member firms with an accredited 45 minute Accounting Security Consultation to address what tools, practices and collateral is available to reduce risk and stay in control of client data. Member firms also have access to $100 off onboarding when they sign-up.

Complimentary Cybersecurity Training Pack

Firms that claim the free security consultation offer above will also receive access to a cybersecurity training pack that includes:

  • A data security plan checklist that provides a clear roadmap to being compliant with IRS 4557.
  • A work from home best practice checklist to ensure team members working outside of the office aren’t creating opportunities for a possible breach.
  • An on-demand webinar unpacking what cybersecurity actually means, the three most common breaches at accounting firms and the easy way to secure your business.

Woodard™ Partnership

Woodard Institute is partnering with Practice Protect as it is serious about protecting it’s community from the increasing online threats and the increasing instances of fraud impacting the accounting community.

“We’re tired of seeing our member firms taking damage from cyber incidents and our goal is to build awareness around best practices and assisting firms in their role as responsible client data custodians. Equipping firms with the right policies, collateral, and tools is our absolute priority as we move into a new tax year.”
– Joe Woodard

What you will learn from the Security Consultation

  • How to conveniently maintain delegated control over access to the apps, logins and bank accounts that employees and other stakeholders require to execute work efficiently.
  • How to maintain IRS 4557 guideline compliance as an accounting professional and the documented practices that need to be in place to limit liability including step by step instructions on the newly mandated data security plan.
  • How the Practice Protect platform helps busy SMB accounting firms cut to the chase, solve the cybersecurity problem and get on with doing business with confidence in the face of growing online risk.
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