Protect your firm with an accountant-specific cybersecurity platform offering comprehensive protection around desktops, emails, and access to sensitive data. Safeguard your firms workstations, protect email communications, and effortlessly manage identity and team member access.

6,000 cloud integrations and counting

50+ features across 3 hubs.

Device Hub

Protect your desktop
Your comprehensive desktop security solution, where ever your team work.
  • Next Level Ransomware Protection
  • AI Powered Threat Detection System
  • Lock USBs, printers and device connections to prevent data snatching
  • Managed desktop security & antivirus
  • Windows update automation & management
  • Remote lost/stolen computer wipe
  • Virtual Firewall
  • Breach investigation support
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Email Hub

Communicate securely
Essential protection for your inbox, the gateway to your business.
  • Microsoft 365 User onboarding & offboarding
  • Microsoft 365 security management
  • Microsoft 365 App Support
  • Spam & Phishing policy protection
  • Email Verification
  • Email Quarantine
  • Anti-malware protection
  • Breach investigation support
  • Outlook configuration and permissions
  • Domain & DNS Management
  • Shared mailbox setup & management
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Access Hub

Stay in control
Effortlessly manage identity and take control of team member access.
  • Centralized Access Management
  • Managed Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Advanced User & Team Permissions
  • IP-Lock + Time-Lock + Location-Lock
  • Password Cloak & Encryption
  • Accounting App Integrations (SAML, SSO)
  • One Click User Lockout
  • Remote & Third-Party Access Controls
  • Access Logs & Real-Time Monitoring
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Password Reset Prevention
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ADSS. The gold standard.

The ADSS is the gold standard in data protection for accountants, worldwide. Included with Practice Protect.
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20,000+ accountants Trusted by accountants worldwide for cloud security & single sign on password management.
6,000+ supported apps Secure the cloud applications you know & love.
50+ features across 3 hubs Built for accounting firms from the ground up.
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Built for accountants

Owners & Partners
Love Practice Protect Because... provides total control over who can access sensitive data, no matter where your team members are working.
Practice Managers
Love Practice Protect Because... allows data access to be controlled in seconds, without the need for time-consuming joiner/leaver workflows.
Team Members
Love Practice Protect Because...
...they can access all the cloud apps they need in seconds with a single password.
IT Managers & Outsourcers
Love Practice Protect Because...
...even the best technical infrastructure can’t compensate for poor password management practices.
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