Access Hub – the secured way to protect your clients and your sensitive information

The flagship of our platform Access Hub offers the convenience and control accounting firms need. With passwordless access, and locked down identity control, risking your client’s data and losing their trust is a stress of the past.

  • Enterprise-grade security standards  
  • Access your entire accounting technology stack in one location  
  • One click lock-out and IP location control 
  • Integrates with over 6,000+ accounting applications and platforms  

Email Hub – Protect, defend and stop scammers in their tracks

Our Email Hub on average stops 255,000+ scam emails and malware attacks from getting into our clients’ inbox every single month. Scammers don’t hack, they trick you and your team into giving up sensitive information, stop the criminals before they reach your door 

  • Zero-day threat detection
  • AI-Powered Threat DetectioN
  • Instant global threat updates
  • Malware detection and destruction
  • Active human monitoring and threat management  

Device Hub – Keep your laptops and computers secure and protected

Our Device Hub is designed specifically around the accounting workflows to ensure a seamless experience which doesn’t slow you down. It works hidden in the background keeping your work devices safe whilst exceeding best-practice standards. 

  • Global accounting threat lists updates for zero-day threats
  • Quarantine functionality
  • Real-time threat detection and remote lock-out when compromised
  • Proactive application upgrading and patching
  • Centralized firm-based security policy management  

Compliance Hub - put your legal obligations on autopilot

At Practice Protect we stay ahead of the pack, and ensure your firm always stays up to date as regulations change. That is why we don’t take a set and forget approach, in fact all our compliance documentation is personalized for your firm, follows the FTC stipulated process, and is updated manually by our team when regulations change.  

Know we’re always updating and improving so you can focus on running your business. 

  • Your customized Information Security Plan done for you 
  • FTC, IRS & ACSC compliance guideline compliant  
  • 5 core documentation pieces, 5 safeguards all completed on your behalf  
  • Get an Accounting Data Security Standard (ADSS) certification  

Security Training Hub – on demand, real-time access to security training provided by experts

At Practice Protect we don’t believe in just setting up some software and leaving you to do it alone. In fact, the biggest threat to your security isn’t your hardware, your weakest link is your team. With insurers beginning to demand cyber security training we help your team stay up to date with the latest best-practice and ensure they know what threats are out there.

  • Dedicated portal for your team to access training 
  • Updated content and industry threat notifications and updates  
  • Superior security experience that provide your team with practical advice 
  • Ensure you remain compliant with your practice insurance requirements  
  • Regular live webinars focusing on security and relevant industry updates 

White-Glove support backed by cutting edge technology

Unlike your normal technology company, we believe in the power of human-based support. We pride ourselves on dedicated onboarding, premium service and dedicated contacts to ensure you get the right help when you need it.  

  • High-touch, concierge onboarding experience
  • Self-service guides when you want to do it yourself
  • Dedicated Customer Success Specialist to manage your account
  • A gold standard service team to help address any day to day issues
  • Priority escalation routes to Cyber Security Experts when threats are detected  

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6000+ cloud integrations and growing

Human Powered, AI Supported Cutting edge technology paired with human-backed support and management
Secured convenience which works with you Security protocols flexible to fit your needs and strong enough to protect from threats
Compliance on autopilot Ensure government compliance without compromising your time or client's security
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