What's Included In The Practice Protect Platform?

Practice Protect is a suite of four components that provide comprehensive protection to firms and their clients. Here’s what you get for one low per-user subscription:

Practice Protect Software

The Practice Protect Software Platform provides users with one portal and one password for all your applications, plus a stack of features tailored to the needs of accounting firms

Team Training

Even the best technology won’t save you from lax cyber security practices. We include relevant, CPD training to ensure your entire team are aware of best practices and understand how to protect your firm.

Best Practice Certification

Qualifying firms are entitled to proudly display the Cloud Best Practice™ logo, proving that you have implemented software, policies and training to protect your clients’ data.

Legal Compliance Pack

Every Practice Protect client gains access to over $10,000 worth of valid and current legal collateral in order to meet your statutory obligations and limit your legal liability.