Even more than ever, hiring the right people can be one of the greatest challenges you'll face as you grow your accounting firm. Practice Protect gives you greater control and accountability levers, to give you confidence to hire right…or hire wrong. Don't hold off on onboarding the new people you know you need. Whether local, working from home or out of state, Practice Protect provides you enterprise grade security in an accountant-only package.

How much time do you spend onboarding a new employee or offboarding someone who's leaving? Is the admin work taking up too much of your time?

You’re not alone in this dilemma. Two time-intensive processes for modern cloud-based accounting firms are the on-boarding and off-boarding of new and leaving employees.

Easily create roles for group based access management

As an accounting firm manager, working to optimise on-boarding and off-boarding process efficiency is something that can pay dividends in time-saving and productivity for your firm.

Practice Protect can help with this. Designed specifically for the needs of accountants, our platform lets you easily manage employee access to apps and categorise app access according to employee positions.

With one-click off-boarding, Practice Protect also takes away the headache of manually revoking access from dozens of applications when an employee leaves.

Confidence to hire

Stop hiring from becoming a bottleneck and grow with the confidence of a leader in control and with password protection and accountability in place. Features to help with hiring:

Password cloaking

Passwords are used but never seen with the power of cloaking.
Enterprise Grade

Multi factor authentication

Controllable, configurable authentication for your layers of users.
Enterprise Grade

Employee Onboarding pack

Easy and packaged onboarding processes to bring new employees up to speed on your security.
Enterprise Grade

One-Click User Lockout

Revoke access instantly for offboarding or staff centered threat response.
Enterprise Grade
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“This has helped with my security, with me being up in the middle of the night, worried about our client data. I don’t do that anymore because it’s all securely protected by single sign-on and auto-generates. I just don’t have to worry about that.”

Jamie E. O’Kane, CPA

“While we were vetting Practice Protect, one of our clients had a hack. So we’re having this discussion on the one hand with a client who’s freaking out, and then on the other hand with Practice Protect, and I’m just like, “This is a no brainer, sign us up.” Don’t be a statistic.”

Jonathan Rivlin, CPA

“You gave us a lot of support during that process, it was smooth and user-friendly. The team did a great job of holding my hand through the process.”

Anthony D’Alba, Integrated Bookkeeping & Technology

“It’s powerful to be able to see who’s accessed what and when. The one-click staff offboarding is also very easy and valuable.”

Kelly Eke & Peter McCarthy, Precision Taxation Accounting & Management

“It gives me a lot of comfort and I can sleep at night knowing that we’re proactive managing those risks”

Rob Petagna, Argentum Consulting

“The amount of time that Practice Protect is saving us in a day, especially our bookkeeper; is amazing. We love it!”

Leah Oliver, Minnik Chartered Accountants

“We have expanded our remote team across Australia and overseas. We wanted something to be quick and easy to set them up”

Donna Stakelum, River City Bookkeeping

“It doesn’t matter how well you think you’re covered, you still need to have a whole lot of precautions in place as well. And one of the precautions we have now is Practice Protect.

Sam Rotberg, AS Partners

“You have blown it out of the ballpark! This has been the easiest out of any implementation we’ve been through. You’ve been a dream to deal with.”

Tanya Munro, Evolve Online Bookkeeping & PJT Accountants
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