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88% of all successful cyber security attacks are due to human error. With targeted training and awareness, you can dramatically reduce your risk of being part of this statistic.

It can often feel like a waste getting you, and your staff trained in cyber security and how to spot malicious actors and threats. Afterall, don’t they have better things to be spending their time on? Cyber security is about protecting your firm and your reputation. The average cost of a data breach in the US costs small to medium businesses $25,000, investing in training your staff doesn’t just make sense, it could help save money.

Security training on demand

The Security Training Hub contains a dedicated university where all current and new staff can log on and access on demand best practice videos, webinars and readings. Regularly revised and updated online our team of experts ensure you have access to the latest information you need to keep your firm safe.

Live webinars keeping you informed

The threats and scams that are popular or being created for the first time are always changing and evolving. You need your team to stay on top, so if the worst was to happen, they would know how to spot and respond. Practice Protect is one of the only providers who conducts regular webinars keeping clients up to date on what is happening in the industry, the latest threats as well as continued best practice advice as it evolves.

Evolving content and updates

Zero-day threats are something most companies are not too familiar with – these are the new scams, viruses and malware that get released that have never been seen before. Thanks to the patented technology we use with our Device Hub and Email Hub, we can use AI and human-power to identify and stop them in their tracks. But even with us being able to keep them out of your system, they get more sophisticated which is why we are dedicated to releasing frequent content on the newest threats out there that can be accessed by anyone via our newsletter and blog.

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