About Practice Protect

Practice Protect is the #1 accounting-specific cyber security platform that makes it quick & easy to secure and control sensitive client data, wherever your people work.

Practice Protect was born when founder Jamie Beresford identified a need in the accounting profession for tighter and more efficient control over client data.

What began as a single sign-on password management tool developed into a full suite of components including compliance documents, training and certification to help accounting and bookkeeping firms control and manage their data.

Later, secure integrations were added with popular accounting apps such as Xero, QuickBooks, MYOB, BGL, Class, FYI Docs, NowInfinity, Practice Ignition, SuiteFiles, Nimbus, Hubdoc (plus over 50+ others).

All of these factors make Practice Protect the most customised Cloud Control Solution for the accounting profession.

Now with over 1000 + accounting firm users from 12,122 + client firms, Practice Protect continues to roll out more features to help accountants survive and thrive in a cloud-first world.

Speaking and Thought Leadership

Practice Protect has delivered dozens of keynote presentations and webinars to the accounting profession on the topics of Cloud Security and Cloud Control.

Accounting Cyber Security Guide 2020

HOW data leaks occur, WHERE vulnerabilities exist in most firms, and HOW to protect your clients’ sensitive data.

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