When your team is working from multiple locations, data security requirements increase. Whether across town, interstate or even out of country, teams need Practice Protect to manage the transfer of passwords, data and sensitive logins. From email security to password cloaking, Password Protect gives you unprecedented compliance and peace of mind when hiring offshore.

In the last year, 20% of organizations experienced a breach because of a remote worker.

Don’t let your remote workers be the cause of a breach in your firm. Hire the right people and have peace of mind that they’re working securely with Practice Protect.

Confidence to hire

No matter where your team are now and, in the future, you’ll be more in control with Practice Protect guarding your data security protocols. Password Protect is built with multi-location teams in mind with password cloaking, remote team protocols and flexible user permissions out of the box.

Password cloaking

Passwords are used but never seen with the power of cloaking.
Enterprise Grade

Location, time, and IP address restrictions

Control where and when your team access your data, down to the laptop.
Enterprise Grade

Remote & Offshore Team Policy Controls

Offshore and remote specific settings, to give you control and safety.
Enterprise Grade

One-Click User Lockout

Revoke access instantly for offboarding or staff centered threat response.
Enterprise Grade
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