Many retail password management solutions work effectively for storing information such as your Netflix password. However, accounting firms are charged as data custodians for some of their client's most private and sensitive information. For that reason and more, a more suitable industry solution is more effective. Practice Protect offers almost 10x the encryption offered by many retail password manage solutions and includes over 50-purpose built features just for accountants.

Comparing solutions

So, how do you know what’s right for you? Accounting firms today require more than just password management. If you consider the reason for purchasing a password manager, it relates to security and risk. But, the risk vectors are broader and more complex than just storing passwords in an easily hack-able browser plugin. What you really need is a data security and cybersecurity suite that includes advisory, technical support and compliance built in and at your fingertips.

That’s the control and customization that makes Practice Protect the most powerful security platform on the market for accountants, and for a comparable investment, it’s why we’re the #1 security tool for accountants.

Why Practice Protect?

Here is a table to help you compare a standard retail password manager and the Practice Protect platform. If you’re an accountant, and compliance, data security and cyber protection is important to you (as it should be), there is no other software that makes more sense than Practice Protect (in our humble opinion).

  • We’ve purpose built an entire software and support platform that offers elite data security and cybersecurity functionality for the accounting industry.
  • With over 50 features across 4 hubs, Practice Protect helps accountants manage compliance, technical support, security templates, password management, login security, identity protection and remote team controls.
  • Enterprise grade encryption.
  • More control and customization around access, lockouts, and activity tracking.
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