Data security is paramount for accounting and bookkeeping firms because of the volume of the sensitive data they hold. Each year, thousands of breaches are reported to authorities from accounting firms - and that number is only rising. This is why we’ve published our up-to-date Cyber Security Guide.

Inside This Informative Guide You Will Discover...

  • The top 8 ways cyber-criminals are targeting accounting firms (they’re probably not what you think).
  • How to create strong passwords that can withstand brute force attacks.
  • How to implement bulletproof cyber security practices without sacrificing efficiency.
  • What the research shows about how most people actually manage their passwords (and why this presents a gaping security hole for accounting firms).
  • Case Study: how a small vulnerability in a “non-critical” application caused almost instant damage for one firm. 3 strategies for locking down your cloud apps and preventing unauthorised access.
  • …And much more.
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