The new age of cloud-based technology is here and it’s all about security. Your clients already operate in the cloud and as you make the transition, you don’t need to do it alone. Practice Protect features over 6,000 cloud-based app integrations giving you control over virtually every login you’ll ever need with login and sign on protection built specifically for the modern accounting firm.

“It gives me a lot of comfort and I can sleep at night knowing that we’re proactive managing those risks”

Rob Petagna, Argentum Consulting

Moving to the cloud meant plenty of advantages for the modern accounting firm...

But firm owners then had to think about securing their client data in the cloud. Learn how Argentum Consulting identified the security risks that came with moving their firm to the cloud, and how they solved them.

Get a glimpse into how key Practice Protect features help accounting firms with their growing cloud-based tech stacks.

Embrace the opportunities without the risk

With many (if not most) applications operating on the cloud nowadays, integration and cross-system data flow is opening new reporting and data analysis opportunities for accountants and their clients. But, with this increased interoperability comes the risk of data theft, data loss and system breaches. Retail password managers don’t get the job done. What you need is a scalable data security platform built for the pace of a modern accounting firm. Practice Protect is Cloud 2.0 ready and packed full of features to cover encryption, integration, password sharing, data integration and cloud platform usability.

Enterprise grade encryption

Password Protect out-classes every retail password manager with enterprise grade encryption.
Enterprise Grade

Password Cloaking

Passwords are used but never seen with the power of cloaking.
Enterprise Grade

Data security awareness training

Keep your team sharp, informed and disciplined when it comes to data security.
Enterprise Grade

One-Click User Lockout

Revoke access instantly for offboarding or staff centered threat response.
Enterprise Grade
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Human Powered, AI Supported Cutting edge technology paired with human-backed support and management
Secured convenience which works with you Security protocols flexible to fit your needs and strong enough to protect from threats
Compliance on autopilot Ensure government compliance without compromising your time or client's security
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