What You Get

  • Gain specialised expertise in Cybersecurity. One of the most in demand areas of expertise today, and well into the future.
  • Enjoy the benefits of highly competitive compensation packages.
  • Rewards, recognition and incentive programmes that reward your hard work.
  • Be valued by a genuine people centric, win-win company culture.
  • Ability to gain global experience working with many different cultures.
  • A company focused on building your skills and promoting internally where feasible.

  • Encouragement from a collaborative and supportive team.
  • Mentorship from internationally recognised cyber security experts, and functional leadership experts.
  • A company that has robust processes in place but still nimble enough for rapid growth potential.
  • The security and stability within an established company with a global footprint.
  • Access to training and accreditations not just in the cyber security space.

Why we are here and where we are going

At Practice Protect we support over 24,000+ accounting professionals worldwide

A focus on the accounting industry

Leading cyber security technology which is enterprise-grade but still accessible to smaller accounting firms

A human-led approach backed by AI, we put delighting our customers at the top of our mission.

Who is Practice Protect really?

We are the largest international Cybersecurity technology provider to the accounting industry.

  • We are growing fast and seek out dynamic and driven people to bring their unique talents skillsets to the forefront.
  • We are a major international company which has made a long-term commitment to the global locations we call home.
  • We provide our people the space where they will feel valued within a genuine people centric, win-win company culture.
  • We provide the opportunities supercharge people’s futures within a diverse, evolving, collaborative and supportive team environment, no matter which department they are in.
  • We encourage and provide learning opportunities to promote and ignite the growth potential in all our people.


These are the three key values we keep and uphold at all times.


GROW. We seek out improvement. We embrace change. We make mistakes, we learn, we grow!


OWN IT. We take responsibility. We see it, we find a way, we do it and we own it!


WIN WIN. We are fair. We are unselfish. We embrace our differences. We celebrate our collective success.



We embrace the global cultures that as a collective, make up Practice Protect


Our people are dynamic and driven. We embrace learning opportunities and push ourselves and each other in a drive to be the best in who we are and what we do.


It’s all about teamwork. Our people bring a multitude of strengths to the table through experience, knowledge and skills. The use of these in isolation is limited. But when our people work in collaboration, the possibilities are infinite.


We allow our people the space to grow. We provide the support and guidance that is needed and cheer each other on in their journey to their personal and professional goals.


We are open and transparent every step of the way with communicating our shared values, clear vision and mission.

Don’t just take it from us

Here’s what our team has to say

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