Cybersecurity - Not just a buzzword but a key pillar in your firm

The world is getting scarier and security breaches are becoming more common. Your clients are giving you access to their most sensitive information, you need to be able to prove you can be their trusted data custodian. The Practice Protect Platform is built to serve you in your requirement to be a trusted advisor.

Show your clients you are their trusted advisor

You need a data security platform built for a modern accounting firm. Demonstrate due diligence as a responsible data custodian for clients and prospective clients. Deliver the assurance that their banking information and sensitive data are safe in your hands.

Password Cloaking

Passwords can be used, but never seen. Your team can access apps without knowing the login details, adding an extra layer of security.

Client Safety Packs

As part of our Compliance Hub, gain access to key documents which show clients what you have in place to protect their data.

Enterprise-Grade Encryption

With enterprise-grade technology in the backend your data is kept secure and protected.

All-In-One Access

Keep, secure and manage all logins to both yours and your clients' tools in one secured location.

On-Demand Support

Unrivalled support with a team dedicated to responding and assisting with any threat or issue that comes up.
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