Accounting professionals save time and secure themselves with Practice Protect

26 Hours

saved per week on access apps per user*


of tickets completed within 1hr of submission*


phishing and malware attacks stopped every month*

90 Days

guarantee or the rest of your subscription term is on us*

Solutions designed for the modern accounting firm

We’re here to put all your cybersecurity needs on autopilot by: 

  • Managing and monitoring in-person and remote team members  
  • Increasing client trust through robust security protocols and documentation  
  • Ensuring your firm meets all relevant government regulations and requirements  
  • Providing cutting-edge enterprise-grade cybersecurity software  
  • Streamlining processes around managing and accessing sensitive client data  

Trust your cybersecurity to us; focus on what you do best

With Practice Protect you have a partner who knows what it takes to keep accounting firms safe and secure. That is why we have a 96%+ customer satisfaction rating.

Remote Team

Remote Teams

Secure access to sensitive apps and know no matter where your team is your client's data is safe.

Client Trust

Increase Client Trust

With additional security, documentation and accreditation your clients can know their data is safe with you.

Improve Security

Improve Security

Criminals are getting smarter; you need to be even smarter. Access the only specialist accounting cyber security platform.

Automate Compliance

Automate Compliance

Put your compliance on automate and ensure you stay at best-practice standards against government regulations.

Streamline Processes

Streamline Processes

With secure identity management and all apps in a single place save valuable time switching accounts.

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Put your client's security at the forefront of your practice.

Book a demo to see how we can improve your clients’ trust, make you more secure and put your compliance on autopilot in less than 90 days.

*26 hours based on our average users per account of 16, and average time saving reported by users per day of 20 minutes

*41% based on assignment in operational hours

* 255,800+ is taken from January 2024

* Please refer to terms of service when signing up for the full outline of our 90 day guarantee and what is included.

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