Many accounting professionals view compliance as a legal nuisance, but here at Practice Protect we understand the true value of compliance. A truly compliant company is one who sits at the forefront of innovation when it comes to client care, they have the processes and procedures that clients demand. With full legal compliance comes: 

  • Decreased potential legal risk and loss in the event of a data breach  
  • Increased customer trust thanks to robust processes  
  • Potential decreased insurance costs thanks to best-practice security standards  
  • Full legal compliance with all relevant government regulations  
  • Potential increase in client revenue or client acquisition thanks to market differentiation  

Not just a bunch of documents, but a way to secure your practice

Compliance and security go hand in hand, that is why at the core of the Practice Protect platform is both the Access and Compliance hubs. Best practice compliance also assists with best practice cybersecurity, that’s why we believe in working to make the following on your behalf.

Risk Assessment Matrix

A done-for you risk assessment matrix focused on identifying areas within your firm where you could be at risk of cyberattacks.

Written Information Security Plan (WISP)

An FTC legal requirement, and acknowledged best practice globally, this identifies key security steps you take protect confidential client data.

Identification Matrix

A follow-on from our Risk Assessment Matrix, this document identifies all additional steps we will take in getting you to the best practice standards.

Cyber Incident Response Plan

When the worst does happen, you and your team know how to respond and escalate directly to the Practice Protect team to lock things down.

Risk Mitigation Plan

A final done-for-you document, this document helps in mitigating all outstanding security and compliance risks in your firm.
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