Focus on finding applications that will lift productivity and bolster margins

The Australian accounting and bookkeeping profession has had more than a decade to embrace online software, whether for internal use or with clients.

Now that the method of delivery is resolved, firms can focus on finding applications that will lift productivity and bolster margins. We unveil these top apps in the 2022 Accounting Cloud Apps Report.

2022's Top Cloud Accounting Apps Revealed

Over 20,000 accountants and bookkeepers use Practice Protect…and with the 1,300 Australian firms on the Practice Protect platform, we’ve shone a light into which software accountants find are essential for their app stacks.

From which expense management app came out on top, to practice apps that accountants couldn’t do without, the Report covers it all.

What the Report contains

  • What 1,300 accounting and bookkeeping firms in Australia are using in their app stacks to optimise their workflows
  • What works—and what doesn’t—for the modern accounting firm, technology-wise
  • How firms used apps in 2022, and what this means for 2023
  • …and more!
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