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FTC Safeguards Rule Compliance – A complete guide for Accountants

FTC safeguards rule has captured a lot of attention in 2023 among the Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax preparer community. With its complexities and implications, this regulation has left many practitioners pondering what it truly means for their practices and whether proactive steps are required. Working with over 23000 accountants, we have first hand experience with […] Read more

PTIN Renewal 2023 – A Quick & Simple guide for accountants

Are you a tax professional preparing for your PTIN renewal in 2023? Renewing your Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) is crucial, but that’s not the only aspect to consider. The IRS has introduced new guidelines, including IRS 4557, emphasizing the importance of data security for tax preparers in the United States. In this quick and […] Read more

3 Trends Elevating Business Email Risks for Accountants in 2023

Security discussions have undergone a transformation to counter evolving cybercriminal tactics. Initially, focus centered on safeguarding client data to prevent financial and reputational harm. This resulted in investments in single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and a shift to cloud-based software with robust online security. With improved data protection, hackers shifted their attention to exploiting […] Read more

Navigating Regulations and Compliance around Business Email Compromise (BEC)

In the dynamic world of accounting, where financial precision meets digital innovation, the urgency of addressing Business Email Compromise (BEC) has never been more critical. This covert threat has elicited a resounding call to action from both the public and private sectors, leaving accounting firms with an unambiguous mandate: bolster defenses against BEC attacks to […] Read more

Safeguarding Your Business Emails: The 3 Pillars of Cybersecurity

In a rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, the days of large accounting firms being the sole targets of cyberattacks are long gone. Today, cybercriminals are shifting their focus to smaller accounting firms that may have fewer resources, less protection, and limited data security training. A particularly prevalent threat in this scenario is the Business Email Compromise […] Read more

The dark side of ChatGPT and AI technology

The start of 2023 has been filled with excitement around ChatGPT and the possibilities of AI. Most of us have given it a try and many are starting to imagine the way this technology can be put to use to change business processes to be simpler, faster and more efficient. This is big news for […] Read more
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