Passwordless Authentication: The Future of Secure Access

In today’s digital age, securing online accounts and sensitive information is more critical than ever, especially for accounting firms entrusted with safeguarding confidential client data. Traditional password-based authentication methods, while widely used, are increasingly proving to be vulnerable to various security threats. As a result, the tech industry has been actively exploring more secure and […] Read more

The dark side of ChatGPT and AI technology

The start of 2023 has been filled with excitement around ChatGPT and the possibilities of AI. Most of us have given it a try and many are starting to imagine the way this technology can be put to use to change business processes to be simpler, faster and more efficient. This is big news for […] Read more

Network Security For Accounting Firms

We’ve written an article before about how to protect your non-cloud assets. In it, we emphasised how Network Security is one of the key non-cloud assets that Accounting firms need to protect. In a more in-depth look at how to make sure your firm is working with a secure network, we present our 5 tips […] Read more

What is SAML and why do you need it?

Stage two of the ATO’s operational framework is here with more accounting apps being mandated with Two Factor Authentication. This means imminent changes to the way accountants and their teams manage and control access to an ever increasing suite of cloud apps. This article will help you understand what’s coming from an operational perspective and […] Read more
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