Client relationships are your most important asset because they fuel the success and growth of your business. Ensuring these relationships are built on a foundation of trust is critical.

“While we were vetting Practice Protect, one of our clients had a hack. So we’re having this discussion on the one hand with a client who’s freaking out, and then on the other hand with Practice Protect, and I’m just like, “This is a no brainer, sign us up.” Don’t be a statistic.”

Jonathan Rivlin, CPA

Security is the silent question your clients are asking

Use Practice Protect to show how serious you are about protecting client data.

A responsible data custodian for your clients

Retail password managers don’t get the job done. You need a data security platform built for the pace of a modern accounting firm. Demonstrate due diligence as a responsible data custodian for clients and prospects. Deliver the assurance that their banking information and sensitive data are safe in your hands.

Enterprise grade encryption

Password Protect out-classes every retail password manager with enterprise grade encryption.
Enterprise Grade

Client success document templates

Control where and when your team access your data, down to the laptop.
Enterprise Grade

Remote & Offshore Team Policy Controls

Offshore and remote specific settings, to give you control and safety.
Enterprise Grade

One-Click User Lockout

Revoke access instantly for offboarding or staff centered threat response.
Enterprise Grade
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Human Powered, AI Supported Cutting edge technology paired with human-backed support and management
Secured convenience which works with you Security protocols flexible to fit your needs and strong enough to protect from threats
Compliance on autopilot Ensure government compliance without compromising your time or client's security
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