Security starts with education. The Practice Protect University (PPU for short) gives you and your team more confidence with access to a library of world-leading training on cyber security for accountants. PPU is our client-only education platform designed and gives your team the advantage when it comes to breach protection, data management, and compliance. Access up to date resources and remain compliant with the latest cyber security standards, train your staff on important safety protocols, and show clients the extra steps you take to secure their data. The Practice Protect University houses:

Compliance Documents

Template documents to help you remain compliant with the highest data security standards:

  • Data Security Plan (to comply with IRS 4557 and PTIN requirements)
  • Privacy Policy
  • IT & Internet Usage Policy
  • Third Party Access Agreement
  • Cyber Incident Response Plan
  • Addition to the Letter of Engagement

On Demand Video Training

A showcase of on-demand recorded webinars and training sessions related to cybersecurity for accountants. Watch and re-watch evergreen and relevant training videos on topics such as phishing, ransomware, email security, and more.

Cyber Security Best Practice Documentation

To help our clients navigate the many cybersecurity risk faced by accounting firms daily, we provide best practice cyber security checklists, instantly accessible on the Practice Protect University. These checklists outline clear steps to ensure that your firm and team are aligned with industry standards and mitigating against risk.

Client Trust Pack

Demonstrate your proactive approach to managing risk with the Practice Protect Client Trust Pack. The Client Trust Pack gives you the assets and write-ups you need to differentiate from other accounting firms and give clients absolute peace of mind that you go above and beyond when it comes to their data. The Client Trust Pack is a collection of usable resources that communicate security practices, protocols and training practices for your firm, all facilitated through practice Protect. Includes:

  • Security Blogs
  • Website Wording For Practice Protect Users
  • About Practice Protect for Firms
  • Email Wording About The Accounting Data Security Standard

The Other Hubs

The Advisory Hub
The Access Hub
The Compliance Hub
ADSS Accrediation

ADSS. The gold standard.

The ADSS is the gold standard in data protection for accountants, worldwide. Included with Practice Protect
Find out more: Our Compliance Hub

“This has helped with my security, with me being up in the middle of the night, worried about our client data. I don’t do that anymore because it’s all securely protected by single sign-on and auto-generates. I just don’t have to worry about that.”

Jamie E. O’Kane, CPA

“While we were vetting Practice Protect, one of our clients had a hack. So we’re having this discussion on the one hand with a client who’s freaking out, and then on the other hand with Practice Protect, and I’m just like, “This is a no brainer, sign us up.” Don’t be a statistic.”

Jonathan Rivlin, CPA

“You gave us a lot of support during that process, it was smooth and user-friendly. The team did a great job of holding my hand through the process.”

Anthony D’Alba, Integrated Bookkeeping & Technology

“It’s powerful to be able to see who’s accessed what and when. The one-click staff offboarding is also very easy and valuable.”

Kelly Eke & Peter McCarthy, Precision Taxation Accounting & Management

“It gives me a lot of comfort and I can sleep at night knowing that we’re proactive managing those risks”

Rob Petagna, Argentum Consulting

“The amount of time that Practice Protect is saving us in a day, especially our bookkeeper; is amazing. We love it!”

Leah Oliver, Minnik Chartered Accountants

“We have expanded our remote team across Australia and overseas. We wanted something to be quick and easy to set them up”

Donna Stakelum, River City Bookkeeping

“It doesn’t matter how well you think you’re covered, you still need to have a whole lot of precautions in place as well. And one of the precautions we have now is Practice Protect.

Sam Rotberg, AS Partners

“You have blown it out of the ballpark! This has been the easiest out of any implementation we’ve been through. You’ve been a dream to deal with.”

Tanya Munro, Evolve Online Bookkeeping & PJT Accountants
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