Product Update: Security Insights Released

Your all-in-one security platform, Practice Protect, just got even better with the release of security insights for all admin users on the Access Hub. With the best-practice elevated even more, with this release you now have an easy-view dashboard where you can see where your firm’s cyber security can be improved even more.  

 Check out the image below to see a snapshot of the new dashboard. This can be accessed directly in the administration hub under the tab Security Insights.  

Practice Protect Client Risk Portal

The core new improvements within this release include: 

  • Ability to see which admins and users have not got the best-practice phishing protections in place 
  • Which Admins do not have self-service reset enabled on their account; it is also a good time to check all users have this enabled where relevant  
  • Which users do not have MFA (Mutli-factor Authentication) properly set-up for their account putting your client’s data at risk from breach and do not follow our security guidelines  
  • Which passwords do not meet best-standards for security and most importantly which have double-up passwords which have been used then once  
  • Our most unique feature – identify which of your users are considered high-risk and use our auditing trail to figure out which applications they are accessing  

As we always say at Practice Protect, hackers don’t hack, they trick. This new release shows you where your largest vulnerabilities are and how you can fix them. Don’t know how to fix them yourself? That is okay, this is why we pride ourselves on our white-glove service. Book in time with your Customer Success Specialist who will help you run through this new dashboard and help secure these threats.  

Brand new or considering signing up to Practice Protect? Have a chat with one of our Cyber Security Specialists to see exactly how we lock down and protect your client’s data whilst keeping you ahead of the compliance curve.