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How do you answer the silent question your clients are asking?

With cybercrime statistics rising, your clients are asking more and more questions about how secure the data they’re entrusting to you is. Some unspoken questions are: “Who has access to my files? “How are you securing my data?” Answering this question of data security is becoming critically important for accountants and bookkeepers in order to […] Read more

How to stay in control of an increasingly distributed workforce

Cloud technology is becoming essential to the accounting industry, are you cloud-optimized?  The move to the cloud has changed not only how you work as an accountant, but also the way your team is structured, and how and where they work from. Staying in control of a distributed team and ensuring security standards are met […] Read more

How Accountants can overcome the barriers to cloud-based technology adoption

Accountants have always been leaders in adopting cloud-based technology, understanding the benefits it brings in eliminating outdated, manual, and paper-based processes. The main barriers to obtaining these cloud based business advantages are around security and access management.  The Security Barrier A common misconception is that moving to the cloud will result in less security. The […] Read more

Managing a Growing Cloud-Based Tech Stack

As pioneers of cloud technology, an efficient tech stack is the beating heart of the modern accounting firm. The right stack and integrations can help your SME balance people, processes, and tech. Is your firm maximising efficiency and productivity from your tech stack and maintaining data security? In this article, we’ll explore how Practice Protect […] Read more

Access management for accounting firms

The average accounting firm has access to an astounding amount of sensitive client data. Effective management of this data isn’t just a concern for your firm, but also the clients you service that are trusting you with its safety.  Therefore as a responsible data custodian, it’s essential for you to ensure safe management of this […] Read more

Cybersecurity education—why is it important for accounting firms?

Did you know that lack of awareness of cybersecurity threats represents the a risk to your firm? Internal company threats are just as dangerous to firms as external threats are. This includes careless employees, contractors, or malicious ex-employees in your firm. As internal threats are being classed as one of the biggest risk areas, cybersecurity training and […] Read more
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